Signs You Should Have A Mole Examined For Melanoma

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Signs You Should Have A Mole Examined For Melanoma

Signs You Should Have A Mole Examined For Melanoma

26 August 2018
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If you have a few moles on your body, you may not think much about them since you have had them for a while. However, if one of them does not look the same, or you see a new mole pop up suddenly, here are a few reasons you should have it examined by a doctor, as the mole may be exhibiting the early signs of melanoma.

Shape Is No Longer Symmetrical

While a normal mole may not be perfectly round, it does tend to have a symmetrical shape with rounded defined edges. Even if the mole has more of an oval appearance, it will still have the same general shape on all sides.

However, if cancer cells have started to take over your skin cells, the mole will start to spread out. It will lose its symmetrical appearance and may look as though it is putting out feelers on one side of the growth.

Colors Are Not the Same Throughout

After noticing that your mole is no longer symmetrical, the next sign you should look for is any change in its coloration. Typically, a normal mole has a light or dark brown hue.

However, if melanoma is present, the overall color of the mole will turn black. You may also see other colors within the mole, as well as the skin surrounding it. If you see a bluish tint or pink and white patches, cancer cells may be attacking the mole and the skin cells adjacent to it, creating the myriad of colors as the melanoma takes hold and your body tries to fight it off.

Mole Is Changing Quickly

Another tell-tale sign that there is something seriously wrong with your mole is when it starts changing quickly. A normal mole usually does not exhibit many changes, even after you have had it for years.

However, if melanoma is present, this form of skin cancer can be aggressive. You may start noticing rapid changes in the color and shape of the mole. You may also see the mole growing in size within just a few short months. If you see these fast changes, the mole should be examined as soon as you are able to get in to see a doctor.

If your mole has started taking on the above characteristics, make an appointment with a dermatologist as soon as possible so that a biopsy can be performed. If cancerous cells are found, contact a melanoma cancer service to discuss any available options for treating it. For more information, contact a company like Asheboro Dermatology & Skin Surgery Center.

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